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Kindle offers a vast selection of books that can influence the way business leaders think and lead organizational change—and can help employees grow professionally. Reading with Kindle offers all the added benefits of digital: download new books in seconds, carry your entire library with you, and read anytime, anywhere on the free Kindle app. Your organization can now order one or hundreds of eBook copies from Amazon.com or Amazon Business and send them to employees in minutes. Kindle offers competitive prices, reduced complexity with no shipping, and the ability to save money by returning unused copies easily.
Industry Retail
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=17486972011

 Customer Service Number [Kindle]:

Customer Service number
+1 866 321 8851
Customer Service number
(Outside US)
+1 206 266 0927