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  • Zoosk logo
    Zoosk Customer Service Number

    Zoosk is a leadig olie datig compay that lears as you click i order to pair you with sigles with whom you’re likely to discover mutual attractio. Zoosk’s Behavioral Matchmakig™ techology is costatly learig from the actios of more tha ...

    Customer Service: +1 888 939 6675

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  • Zhihu logo
    Zhihu Customer Service Number

    Fouded i 2011, a peer-to-peer etwork of kowledge, expertise ad isight is what Zhihu is tryig to build. Zhihu's missio is to coect people ad the kowledge, kow-how, expertise ad first-had iformatio costraied i each idividual’s mid....

    Customer Service: +86 106 712 5069

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  • Yammer logo
    Yammer Customer Service Number

    Microsoft acquired Yammer, a best-i-class Eterprise Social Network (ESN), i Jue 2012 to be icluded i their broader portfolio. Yammer is available with Office 365, ad together they form the core of Microsoft’s visio for Eterprise Social: t...

    Customer Service: +1 800 892 5234

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  • Xing Ag logo
    Xing Ag Customer Service Number

    XING is the social etwork for busiess professioals: XING is the social etwork for busiess cotacts. XING has close to 13 millio users i its core Germa-speakig market. XING is a platform where professioals from all kids of differet idustr...

    Customer Service: +4 940 419 1310

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  • Wingman logo
    Wingman Customer Service Number

    Play cupid for your sigle frieds ad be the ultimate matchmaker. If your sigle fried is ervous to date olie the this is the perfect experiece. The Wigma is ever see, it’s all about beig a support for your fried ad doig them some good. With...

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  • White Label Dating logo
    White Label Dating Customer Service Number

    White Label Datig is a leadig SaaS busiess that empowers brads, marketers ad affiliates to power their ow fully braded olie datig sites. You provide the marketig, while White Label Datig provides the datig software, paymet processig, custom...

    Customer Service: +44 175 331 4648

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  • WhatsYourPrice logo
    WhatsYourPrice Customer Service Number

    WhatsYourPrice.com is a patet pedig olie datig site that works. O other datig persoals or matchmakig sites, attractive sigles are overwhelmed with messages while sigles with high stadards are ofte rejected without ay resposes. O WhatsYourPr...

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  • WAMBA logo
    WAMBA Customer Service Number

    Wamba is the world’s first free social datig etwork which ot oly offers users traditioal optios for searchig for a serious relatioship, but also uique services that makes fidig ew frieds aroud you as quick, easy ad fu as possible, or allo...

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  • VKontakte logo
    VKontakte Customer Service Number

    - VK is oe of the most visited platforms o the Russia iteret. We create products that we, our frieds, family ad 97 millio other people use every day. We believe that it’s importat to share our experiece, support taleted specialists ad dev...

    Customer Service: +7 812 640 7240

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  • Vida Select logo
    Vida Select Customer Service Number

    VIDA Select is a moder twist o matchmakig for the digital age. Our uique, scietific approach to datig has helped thousads of sigles fid true love. Our team of datig experts are ready to tap ito the world’s largest database of eligible s...

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  • Venntro logo
    Venntro Customer Service Number

    Vetro Media Group exists to give all people the freedom to belog, to coect with others, to share their passios ad be accepted i a safe, trusted eviromet. We’re the techology ad media compay behid thousads of olie commuities ad datig site...

    Customer Service: +44 175 331 4644

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  • Various Inc logo
    Various Inc Customer Service Number

    Various, Ic., AKA FriedFider Networks is a iteratioal leader i social media fouded i 1996 by Adrew Coru. Origially started as a mai-stream social etworkig site, the compay quickly adapted to cosumer prefereces, ad brached out ito differet ...

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  • V2EX logo
    V2EX Customer Service Number

    V2EX is a commuity of developers ad desigers created by Xi Liu. Lauched i Apr 2010. Now attractig over 5M uique visitors ad 23M page views mothly. V2EX is a great place for: - Discuss techical ad desig questios - Meet team members for st...

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  • Twoo logo
    Twoo Customer Service Number

    Twoo was fouded i 2011 by Lorez Bogaert ad Too Coppes. With more tha 10 millio uique visitors per moth Twoo.com is the biggest site i the world i the persoals category (Comscore December 2012). Twoo.com is a subsidiary of Massive Media. I...

    Customer Service: +1 214 576 3272

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  • Tumblr logo
    Tumblr Customer Service Number

    People come to Tumblr to expad their perspectives. They joi a commuity ad a cultural dialogue that exposes them up to ew ideas, ew passios, ad ew forms of self-expressio. People seem to really like this thig we’ve built, ad we eed smart, ...

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  • Topface logo
    Topface Customer Service Number

    Topface – самый быстрорастущий сервис знакомств в мире, каждый день через Topface отправляются более 60 миллионов симпатий, и сотни тысяч �...

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  • Tinder logo
    Tinder Customer Service Number

    Tider was itroduced o a college campus i 2012 ad is the world’s most popular app for meetig ew people. Available i 190 coutries ad 40+ laguages, Tider is the highest grossig o-gamig app globally. It’s bee dowloaded more tha 450 millio t...

    Customer Service: +1 214 853 4309

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  • Tiktok logo
    Tiktok Customer Service Number

    TikTok is the leadig destiatio for short-form mobile video ad our missio is to ispire creativity ad brig joy. The platform is a home for creative expressio through videos that create a geuie, ispirig, ad joyful experiece. TikTok has global ...

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  • Thursday Dating logo
    Thursday Dating Customer Service Number

    Missio: to make Thursday the most excitig day to be sigle, every week. People are spedig too much time o datig apps ad it's a uderwhelmig experiece. So we’ve built Thursday, where everythig you wat from olie datig happes o oe day. We’r...

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  • The Intro Dating logo
    The Intro Dating Customer Service Number

    The Itro schedules dates for busy professioals. There's o chat, o faff, just dates! FIXING ONLINE DATING The Itro's simple but iovative approach to datig has bee covered by the BBC, Cosmopolita, Grazia, Stylist, Tatler ad more! If your th...

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