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  • Amazon logo
    Amazon Customer Service Number

    Amazo is guided by four priciples: customer obsessio rather tha competitor focus, passio for ivetio, commitmet to operatioal excellece, ad log-term thikig. We are drive by the excitemet of buildig techologies, ivetig products, ad providig s...

    Customer Service: +1 800 372 8066

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  • eBay logo
    eBay Customer Service Number

    eBay Ic. is a global commerce leader that coects millios of buyers ad sellers i more tha 190 markets aroud the world. We exist to eable ecoomic opportuity for idividuals, etrepreeurs, busiesses ad orgaizatios of all sizes....

    Customer Service: +1 866 348 9519

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  • Walmart logo
    Walmart Customer Service Number

    Fifty years ago, Sam Walto started a sigle mom-ad-pop shop ad trasformed it ito the world’s biggest retailer. Sice those foudig days, oe thig has remaied cosistet: our commitmet to helpig our customers save moey so they ca live better. To...

    Customer Service: +1 855 533 9669

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  • Sears logo
    Sears Customer Service Number

    Sears is a leadig itegrated retailer providig merchadise ad related services ad is part of Shop Your Way, a social shoppig experiece where members have the ability to ear poits ad receive beefits across a wide variety of physical ad digital...

    Customer Service: +1 800 682 8691

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  • Wayfair logo
    Wayfair Customer Service Number

    Wayfair is the destiatio for all thigs home: helpig everyoe, aywhere create their feelig of home. From expert customer service, to the developmet of tools that make the shoppig process easier, to carryig oe of the widest ad deepest selectio...

    Customer Service: +1 844 230 5692

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  • Best Buy logo
    Best Buy Customer Service Number

    At Best Buy, our purpose is to erich lives through techology. To achieve this, over 100,000 employees provide solutios to our customers i over 1,000 locatios, olie, ad i their homes. We’re a commuity of courageous chage-makers, ambitiou...

    Customer Service: +1 800 566 7498

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  • Menards logo
    Menards Customer Service Number

    Meards home improvemet stores are coveietly located throughout the Midwest i a 14-state regio. From the ovice do-it-yourselfer to the experieced cotractor, Meards has somethig for everyoe! As a family-owed ad operated busiess, Meards is tru...

    Customer Service: +1 269 544 1461

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  • Camping World logo
    Camping World Customer Service Number

    Sice 1966, Campig World has proudly offered specialized products ad accessories, expert advice ad professioal service to recreatioal vehicle owers ad campers. We've grow from a sigle store i Bowlig Gree, Ketucky to the atio's largest retail...

    Customer Service: +1 800 848 6247

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  • Ashley Furniture logo
    Ashley Furniture Customer Service Number

    Ashley Furiture Idustries, LLC. (Ashley) is the largest furiture maufacturer i the Uited States ad oe of the largest i the world. Established i 1945, Ashley offers oe of the idustry’s broadest product assortmets to retail parters i 123 co...

    Customer Service: +1 317 885 1171

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  • Home Depot logo
    Home Depot Customer Service Number

    The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvemet specialty retailer, values ad rewards dedicated, kowledgeable ad experieced professioals. We operate over 2,200 retail stores i all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the ...

    Customer Service: +1 253 638 0258

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  • Kohls logo
    Kohls Customer Service Number

    At Kohl’s, our missio is to ispire ad empower families to lead fulfilled lives. Ad there’s o more rewardig job tha that. It’s ot just about sellig thigs; it’s about lettig customers kow that the thigs that make their lives better ar...

    Customer Service: +1 800 564 5740

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  • Walgreens logo
    Walgreens Customer Service Number

    Walgrees (www.walgrees.com) is icluded i the Retail Pharmacy USA Divisio of Walgrees Boots Alliace, Ic. (Nasdaq: WBA), a global leader i retail pharmacy. As America’s most loved pharmacy, health ad beauty compay, Walgrees purpose is to ch...

    Customer Service: +1 307 857 6023

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  • Amazon Canada logo
    Amazon Canada Customer Service Number

    Amazo is guided by four priciples: customer obsessio rather tha competitor focus, passio for ivetio, commitmet to operatioal excellece, ad log-term thikig. We are drive by the excitemet of buildig techologies, ivetig products, ad providig s...

    Customer Service: +1 206 922 0880

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  • Family Dollar logo
    Family Dollar Customer Service Number

    Whe it comes to gettig value for everyday items for the etire family i a easy to shop, eighborhood locatio, Family Dollar is the best place to go. Oe of the atio’s fastest growig retailers, Family Dollar offers a compellig assortmet of me...

    Customer Service: +1 833 232 0002

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  • Macys logo
    Macys Customer Service Number

    Macy's is America’s store for life. The largest retail brad of Macy's, Ic. (NYSE:M) delivers quality fashio at affordable prices to customers at approximately 640 locatios i 43 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, ad Guam, as we...

    Customer Service: +1 678 474 2000

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  • JCPenney logo
    JCPenney Customer Service Number

    As we reivet ourselves to fit the diversity of America, we are lookig for motivated, taleted people who ca emerge as Warriors i our orgaizatio. JCPeey offers a iclusive eviromet ad culture where you ca fid ad defie yourself - your style, y...

    Customer Service: +1 800 597 6453

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  • Dollar General Corporation logo
    Dollar General Corporation Customer Service Number

    Dollar Geeral has bee Servig Others for more tha 80 years. With more tha 17,500 stores, we serve commuities across the coutry, from right aroud the corer. We exist to provide coveiece, quality, ad value, so our customers ca get back to what...

    Customer Service: +1 800 456 9446

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  • Rent A Center logo
    Rent A Center Customer Service Number

    At Ret-A-Ceter, we're passioate about what we do ad who we serve. We all work hard to create the best possible life for ourselves ad our families – to ejoy the America dream – ad we empower our customers with the ability to ejoy that sa...

    Customer Service: +1 800 665 5510

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  • Costco logo
    Costco Customer Service Number

    Costco Wholesale is a multibillio dollar global retailer with warehouse club operatios i 11 coutries. We are the recogized leader i our field, dedicated to quality i every area of our busiess ad respected for our outstadig busiess ethics. D...

    Customer Service: +1 877 849 2730

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  • Sprint logo
    Sprint Customer Service Number

    Thaks for everythig! This accout is o loger active. Follow us at T-Mobile For Busiess to lear more about the ew T-Mobile® Busiess Advatage. https://www.likedi.com/showcase/t-mobile-busiess/...

    Customer Service: +1 855 639 4644

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