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  • YSL logo
    YSL Customer Service Number

    Fouded i 1961, Yves Sait Lauret was the first couture house to itroduce the cocept of luxury prêt-à-porter i a 1966 collectio called ‘Rive Gauche’, syoymous with youth ad freedom. This shift represeted a first critical step i the mode...

    Customer Service: +1 866 725 6791

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  • Yigal Azrouel logo
    Yigal Azrouel Customer Service Number

    Yigal Azrouël lauched his epoymous wome's wear label i New York i 1998 to critical acclaim. Azrouël defies his sigature aesthetic usig high-quality fabrics to drape structured, ultra-femiie, moder silhouettes with a precise attetio to det...

    Customer Service: +1 212 312 1194#1004

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  • YesStyle logo
    YesStyle Customer Service Number

    YesStyle.com is a subsidiary of YesAsia Holdigs Limited (2209.HK: Hog Kog Stock Exchage), a publicly listed compay that ows ad operates a umber of olie retail platforms, icludig YesAsia.com ad AsiaBeautyWholesale.com. O the stregth of YesSt...

    Customer Service: +8 522 786 0817

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  • Wantable logo
    Wantable Customer Service Number

    Watable is a try-before-you-buy olie retailer. Persoal stylists create oe-of-a-kid relatioships with customers to fuel their cofidece with looks geared to their uique tastes, eeds ad wats. Powered by iovative algorithms ad curated with exp...

    Customer Service: +1 855 926 8225

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  • Versace logo
    Versace Customer Service Number

    The leadig global olie marketplace for desirable pre-loved fashio. Certified B Corporatio. #LogLiveFashio. Our missio is to trasform the fashio idustry for a more sustaiable future by empowerig our commuity to promote circular fashio. Ou...

    Customer Service: +6 037 724 0202

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  • Valentino logo
    Valentino Customer Service Number

    The Maiso Valetio was fouded i 1960 by Valetio Garavai ad Giacarlo Giammetti. Valetio is a protagoist of iteratioal fashio, ad from 2008 util 2016, has goe through a impactful creative evolutio. The Maiso Valetio plays a major role i the l...

    Customer Service: +1 855 967 1970

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  • Tory Burch logo
    Tory Burch Customer Service Number

    Fouded i 2004 i New York City, Tory Burch is a America luxury brad kow for beautiful, timeless pieces ad rich storytellig that evokes optimism ad joy. Tory is a fashio desiger who draws ispiratio from her parets’ effortless style, the wor...

    Customer Service: +1 866 480 8679

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  • Tommy Hilfiger logo
    Tommy Hilfiger Customer Service Number

    TOMMY HILFIGER is oe of the world’s leadig desiger lifestyle brads creatig a platform that ispires the moder America spirit, while committig to wastig othig ad welcomig all. Fouded i 1985, Tommy Hilfiger delivers premium stylig, quality...

    Customer Service: +1 888 866 6948

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  • Tom Ford logo
    Tom Ford Customer Service Number

    I April 2005, Tom Ford aouced the creatio of the TOM FORD brad. Ford was joied i this veture by former Gucci Group Presidet ad Chief Executive Officer Domeico De Sole, who serves as Chairma of the compay. That same year. Ford aouced his pa...

    Customer Service: +1 212 359 0300

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  • Thom Browne logo
    Thom Browne Customer Service Number

    Thom Browe is widely recogized for challegig ad moderizig today’s uiform: the suit. By questioig traditioal proportios, Browe’s desigs cosistetly covey a true America sesibility rooted i quality craftsmaship ad precise tailorig. I 2001...

    Customer Service: +1 347 983 6348

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  • Tapestry logo
    Tapestry Customer Service Number

    Our global house of brads uites the magic of Coach, Kate Spade New York ad Stuart Weitzma. By itertwiig differet people ad ideas, we push ourselves i our work, pull out the uexpected i what we create, ad expad the bouds of possibility. Ou...

    Customer Service: +1 877 793 4896

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  • Steve Madden logo
    Steve Madden Customer Service Number

    Steve Madde, Ltd. is globally recogized as a leadig compay i the fashio idustry. What bega as a modest $1100 ivestmet i 1990 has developed ito oe of the most icoic brads i footwear. From a factory i Quees, NY, Steve Madde has revolutioized ...

    Customer Service: +1 888 526 2881

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  • Samyakk logo
    Samyakk Customer Service Number

    Samyakk is a Bagalore-based fashio brad for all Idia ethic clothig requiremets. Samyakk operates broadly uder two houses - Flagship Retail Store ad E-Commerce Website. The Retail Store was fouded over 50 years ago ad the E-Commerce platform...

    Customer Service: +91 804 220 1247

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  • Safilo Group logo
    Safilo Group Customer Service Number

    Established i 1934 i Italy’s Veeto regio, Safilo Group is oe of the eyewear idustry’s pricipal players i the desig, maufacturig ad distributio of optical frames, suglasses, sports eyewear, goggles ad helmets. The Group desigs ad maufact...

    Customer Service: +39 049 698 5111

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  • Rodarte logo
    Rodarte Customer Service Number

    The America luxury label Rodarte was fouded by Kate ad Laura Mulleavy i Los Ageles i 2005. A coceptual ad iovative brad, Rodarte is kow for its artistic mixture of high couture, moder femiiity, ad Califoria iflueces. For their itricately cr...

    Customer Service: +1 212 226 2196

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  • Roberto Cavalli logo
    Roberto Cavalli Customer Service Number

    Fouded i 1970, Roberto Cavalli is oe of the most importat Italia fashio, luxury, accessory ad lifestyle houses. Defied by a glamorous cotemporary aesthetic, it is rooted i the Italia excellece, artisaal craftsmaship ad i the brad’s Med...

    Customer Service: +44 158 346 0308

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  • Just Cavalli logo
    Just Cavalli Customer Service Number

    Fouded i 1970, Roberto Cavalli is oe of the most importat Italia fashio, luxury, accessory ad lifestyle houses. Defied by a glamorous cotemporary aesthetic, it is rooted i the Italia excellece, artisaal craftsmaship ad i the brad’s Med...

    Customer Service: +39 044 478 4500

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  • Robert Graham logo
    Robert Graham Customer Service Number

    It all started with the shirt. The came the buzz, followed by a groudswell of fas ad admirers. Sice 2001, Robert Graham has captivated cosumers with a aesthetic experiece that trasceds the ordiary. Each piece is a ucovetioal work of art des...

    Customer Service: +1 844 747 3757

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  • Rebecca Minkoff logo
    Rebecca Minkoff Customer Service Number

    Rebecca Mikoff is a global lifestyle destiatio fouded o classic desig with a elemet of the uexpected. Rebecca’s brad persoifies her dowtow romatic sesibility ad bohemia rocker style. Her desigs have become a must-have for celebrities, fas...

    Customer Service: +1 866 838 6991

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  • Real Authentication logo
    Real Authentication Customer Service Number

    REAL AUTHENTICATION was fouded by a group of highly experieced hadbag autheticatio experts. Each perso o the Real Autheticatio team has gaied their qualifyig experiece by workig with some of the top leadig reseller ad autheticatio compaies ...

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