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  • Belk logo
    Belk Customer Service Number

    Belk, Ic., a private departmet store compay based i Charlotte, N.C., is the home of Moder. Souther. Style. located i 16 Souther states ad a growig digital presece. Belk is a portfolio compay of Sycamore Parters, a private equity firm based ...

    Customer Service: +1 866 235 5443

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  • Morrisons logo
    Morrisons Customer Service Number

    Our team of friedly faces works as oe to provide shoppig trips ad a career experiece you wo’t fid aywhere else. Together we work the Morrisos way. Costatly lookig to do thigs eve better, we work i partership with our commuities, colleagu...

    Customer Service: +44 845 611 5000

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  • HSBC Bank USA logo
    HSBC Bank USA Customer Service Number

    Opeig up a world of opportuity for our customers, ivestors, ourselves ad the plaet. We're a fiacial services orgaisatio that serves more tha 40 millio customers, ragig from idividual savers ad ivestors to some of the world’s biggest comp...

    Customer Service: +1 800 898 5999

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  • Harris Teeter logo
    Harris Teeter Customer Service Number

    I 1936, W.T. Harris opeed the first Harris Food Store i Charlotte, NC. The store was fouded o three priciples: high-quality products, clea stores ad superior customer service. Just a few years later, Willis L. Teeter ad his brother, Paul, ...

    Customer Service: +1 800 432 6111

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  • Food City logo
    Food City Customer Service Number

    Operatig over 135 stores, K-VA-T Food Stores, Ic. is located i the areas of Ketucky, Virgiia, Teessee, Georgia, ad Alabama. With our Distributio Ceter, Corporate Offices ad Grocery Stores, we have a very broad spa of opportuities with our c...

    Customer Service: +1 706 657 3747

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  • India Post logo
    India Post Customer Service Number

    To provide high quality mail, parcel ad related services i Idia ad throughout the world ; to be recogized as a efficiet ad excellet orgaisatio exceedig the expectatios of the customers, employees ad the society; to perform the task ...

    Customer Service: +1 800 425 2440

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  • Louis Vuitton logo
    Louis Vuitton Customer Service Number

    For more tha 150 years, me ad wome at Louis Vuitto have shared the same spirit of excellece ad passio, reaffirmig their expertise every day, the world over. With us, every career is a jourey, filled with excitemet ad challege, desire ad dar...

    Customer Service: +1 866 884 8866

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  • Clear Internet logo
    Clear Internet Customer Service Number

    Thaks for everythig! This accout is o loger active. Follow us at T-Mobile For Busiess to lear more about the ew T-Mobile® Busiess Advatage. https://www.likedi.com/showcase/t-mobile-busiess/...

    Customer Service: +1 855 639 4644

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  • Kirkland Signature logo
    Kirkland Signature Customer Service Number

    Costco Wholesale is a multibillio dollar global retailer with warehouse club operatios i 11 coutries. We are the recogized leader i our field, dedicated to quality i every area of our busiess ad respected for our outstadig busiess ethics. D...

    Customer Service: +1 800 797 9607

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  • Loreal Paris logo
    Loreal Paris Customer Service Number

    Leadig the world i beauty ad pioeerig the world of beauty tech; we are 86K employees across 150 coutries o five cotiets. Our 36 iteratioal brads are divided ito four uique Divisios: Luxe, Cosumer Products, Active Cosmetics, ad Professioal...

    Customer Service: +1 833 856 7315

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  • Wayfair Canada logo
    Wayfair Canada Customer Service Number

    Wayfair is the destiatio for all thigs home: helpig everyoe, aywhere create their feelig of home. From expert customer service, to the developmet of tools that make the shoppig process easier, to carryig oe of the widest ad deepest selectio...

    Customer Service: +1 877 929 3247

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  • Boots logo
    Boots Customer Service Number

    Boots UK (boots.com), the UK’s largest pharmacy-led health ad beauty retailer, is part of the Retail Pharmacy Iteratioal Divisio of Walgrees Boots Alliace, Ic. (Nasdaq: WBA), the first global pharmacy-led, health ad wellbeig eterprise. W...

    Customer Service: +44 345 270 0999

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  • Aafes Exchange logo
    Aafes Exchange Customer Service Number

    The Exchage (also kow as the Army ad Air Force Exchage Service) is a Departmet of Defese sub-agecy that has provided quality, tax-free retail services ad merchadise to Active Duty, Guard ad Reserve members, military retirees ad their famili...

    Customer Service: +9080 018 488 6312

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  • Banana Republic logo
    Banana Republic Customer Service Number

    Explore our amazig opportuities at jobs.baaarepublic.com Baaa Republic is a global apparel ad accessories brad focused o deliverig moder, versatile classics desiged for a life with o boudaries. Curious, coected ad out i the world, Baaa Rep...

    Customer Service: +44 800 368 0674

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  • Sephora logo
    Sephora Customer Service Number

    At Sephora, we stad together ad we stad for somethig more sice 1969. For empowermet, for exploratio, for the opportuity to impact people’s lives through the ulimited power of beauty. As part of the LVMH family, Sephora’s excellece, iova...

    Customer Service: +1 888 866 9845

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  • Levis logo
    Levis Customer Service Number

    You’re a origial. So are we. We’re a compay of people who like to forge our ow path. We iveted the blue jea i 1873, ad we reiveted khaki pats i 1986. We pioeered labor ad evirometal guidelies i maufacturig. Ad we work to build sustaia...

    Customer Service: +1 866 860 8907

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  • Williams Sonoma logo
    Williams Sonoma Customer Service Number

    Fouded i 1956, Williams-Sooma, Ic. is the premier specialty retailer of high-quality products for the home. Our family of brads icludes Williams Sooma, Pottery Bar, Pottery Bar Kids, PBtee, West Elm, Williams-Sooma Home, Rejuveatio, ad Mar...

    Customer Service: +61 180 023 1380

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  • SportsDirect logo
    SportsDirect Customer Service Number

    Fouded i 1982, Sports Direct Iteratioal plc is today the UK’s largest sportig goods retailer by reveue, ad operates a diversified portfolio of sports, fitess, fashio ad lifestyle fascias ad brads. The Group’s strategy is to ivest i our...

    Customer Service: +44 344 245 9200

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  • Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th logo
    Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th Customer Service Number

    Saks OFF 5TH is the premier destiatio for luxury off-price fashio. I more tha 100 stores across the U.S. ad Caada, ad olie, at SaksOFF5TH.com, we offer a compellig assortmet of desigers to fashio-seekig customers at the best prices. To le...

    Customer Service: +1 866 461 2323

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  • HSBC UK logo
    HSBC UK Customer Service Number

    Opeig up a world of opportuity for our customers, ivestors, ourselves ad the plaet. We're a fiacial services orgaisatio that serves more tha 40 millio customers, ragig from idividual savers ad ivestors to some of the world’s biggest comp...

    Customer Service: +44 800 032 1770

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