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WHERE DO WE START? How about Kansas City? That’s our home. That’s where Garmin put a stake in the ground in 1989. We’ve grown substantially over the years, offering diverse products and global reach in 5 diverse markets. But some things won’t ever change: Our entrepreneurial spirit and a culture where everyone’s opinion matters. That’s because we believe it’s possible to light the tech world on fire and still be on a first name basis. BIG IDEAS, SMALL EGOS What we do best is make products that let our customers do what they love. To do that, we focus on practical innovation, never losing sight of the benefits our products bring to our customers. Sure, we love bells and whistles. What leading technology company doesn't? But we make sure ours have purpose. It’s not about the things we make. It’s about the things we make possible. WE’RE GLOBAL, SERIOUSLY. Yeah, we’re based in Kansas City, but we are truly a global company. With offices throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and Australia, our products are sold all over the world. One elevator ride at our headquarters and you’re likely to hear 4 (or more) different languages being spoken. At Garmin, we may act local, but we think global. DREAM BIG. SLEEP WELL. At Garmin, we like to encourage dreamers. But at some point it’s nice to wake up and enjoy a fully aware life. So we make it super easy to achieve a good balance between working, dreaming and enjoying life—from workout classes offered throughout the day, breaks to get out and move on our campus, and wellness programs offered throughout the year. It’s almost impossible not to take advantage of Garmin’s work-life balance opportunities.
Industry Computers and Electronics Manufacturing
Headquarters Olathe, KS
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website http://www.garmin.com
Specialties Consumer ElectronicsmarinefitnessoutdoorAviationMarineFitnessOutdoorSportsRecreationAutomotiveNavigationCommunicationEngineeringIndustrial DesignDesign EngineeringSoftware EngineeringGPSMechanical EngineeringEmbedded SystemsProduct Management

 Customer Service Number [Garmin]:

Customer Service number
+1 866 429 9296
Customer Service number
+1 800 800 1020
Customer Service number
+1 913 397 8200
Customer Service number
+61 180 023 5822
Customer Service number
+65 800 886 1072

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