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Victoria Police was established in 1853. It provides policing services to the Victorian community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working to keep more than 6 million Victorians safe. Police officers and Protective Services Officers (PSOs) are supported in their roles by public service professionals who work as administrators, managers, and specialists in a range of functions such as legal services, accounting, psychology and forensic sciences. Our workforce is expanding with the recruitment of more than 3000 police, 100 PSOs and the introduction of the Supervising Police Custody Officer role. Victoria Police is an inclusive, equal-opportunity employer that values employees’ skills and experience. We offer flexible, challenging and rewarding careers that make a real difference to the community. Effective frontline response service delivery is provided through 54 Police Service Areas (PSAs), split across 21 divisions within four regions - North West Metro, Southern Metro, Eastern, and Western. These regional boundaries correspond with those of other Victorian government departments, enhancing cross-department service delivery, particularly in the area of emergency management. To apply visit policecareer.vic.gov.au This LinkedIn page should not be used for crime reporting. To report non-urgent crimes and events, call 131 444 or visit go.vic.gov.au/k70Gxt. In an emergency, always call Triple Zero (000).
Industry Law Enforcement
Headquarters Melbourne, Victoria
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website http://www.police.vic.gov.au
Specialties Public SafetyLaw EnforcementTraffic ManagementInvestigationEmergency Management

 Customer Service Number [Victoria Police]:

[Expert Health Advice Nurse-On-Call] contact number +61 130 060 6024
[Crisis Accommodation Homeground Services] contact number +61 180 082 5955
[Men's Referral Service No To Violence] contact number +61 130 076 6491
[Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service Domestic Violence Victoria] contact number +61 180 001 5188
[Sexual Assault Crisis Line Sexual Assault Crisis Line] contact number +61 180 080 6292
[Relay Calls National Relay Service] contact number
(TTY/voice calls)
+6 113 3677
[Relay Calls National Relay Service] contact number
(Speak and listen)
+61 130 055 5727
[Relay Calls National Relay Service] contact number
(SMS relay)
+6 142 367 7767
[Crisis Support And Suicide Prevention Lifeline] contact number +6 113 1114
[Police Record Checks] contact number +61 130 088 1596
[National Security And Terrorism] contact number +61 180 012 3400
[Police Conduct Unit] contact number +61 130 036 3101

 Support Email(s) [Victoria Police]:

[Customer Service] email
[Customer Service] email
[Technical Support] contact email
(Website Issues)
[Jobs/ Career] contact email
[Complaints/ Feedback] contact email
[Media] contact email