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Uni-President China Holdings Limited is the second largest tea, largest milk tea ready-to-drink, and the second largest instant noodle manufacturer and supplier in China. It is the Mainland China subsidiary of Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, the largest processed food producer in Taiwan. The company represents strong market positions in tea, milk tea, juice, coffee, water, and instant noodle categories. Uni-President Enterprises Corporation is an international food conglomerate based in Tainan, Taiwan. It is the largest food production company in Taiwan, as well as Asia. Uni-President has a significant market share in dairy product, foods and snacks, and beverages markets. It is also responsible for running Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Mister Donut and Carrefour in Taiwan. In addition, Uni-President has operations in Mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Canada, and so on.
Industry Food and Beverage Services
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website http://www.uni-president.com.cn/

 Customer Service Number [Uni President Enterprises]:

Customer Service number
(Taipei Branch)
+88 628 786 6888
Customer Service number
(Xinshi General Plant)
+8 866 599 1511
Customer Service number
(Zhongli General Plant)
+8 863 452 3191
Customer Service number
(Yangmei General Plant)
+8 863 478 4143
Customer Service number
(Hukou Park Management Center)
+8 863 569 3161
Customer Service number
+84 274 379 0811
[Emergency/ Hotline] contact number
+88 680 003 7520
[Headquarters] contact number +8 866 253 6789
[Sales/ Reservations] contact number
+88 628 786 8899
[Sales/ Reservations] contact number
+88 642 359 1158
[Sales/ Reservations] contact number
+8 866 253 2121
[Sales/ Reservations] contact number
+8 867 236 7191
[Investors/ Franchasing] contact number +88 628 786 6888#2537
[Investors/ Franchasing] contact number +88 628 786 6888#2536

 Support Email(s) [Uni President Enterprises]:

[Customer Service] email
[Customer Service] email
[Media] contact email