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Premium Level: Premium Lifestyle Founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, Le-Vel formulates and sells nutritional/health and wellness products like the Le-Vel Thrive product line. Le-Vel is the only health and wellness company that uses cloud-based technology for its day-to-day business operations. Le-Vel's cloud-based infrastructure enables the company to keep overhead to a minimum while increasing commissions and opportunities for its independent Brand Promoters and putting more money into the Le-Vel THRIVE product line. Some of the products in the Le-Vel line include: Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT (Derma Fusion Technology), Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, Activate, Boost, Balance, Black Label, Café, DFT Duo, Expand, FORM, Thrive Kids, Move, Thrive PRO, Rest, Pure, BURN, THRIVEFIT and Thrive Bites. Le-Vel and the Le-Vel Thrive brand have more than 10 million customers and brand promoters. The company ships within the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Mexico. In less than 7 years in business, Le-Vel reached $2 billion in lifetime sales. For more info about Le-Vel and product reviews, visit https://le-vel.com
Industry Wellness and Fitness Services
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website https://le-vel.com
Specialties WellnessNutritionDirect SalesSupplements

 Customer Service Number [THRIVE by Le Vel]:

Customer Service number +1 888 557 0005

 Support Email(s) [THRIVE by Le Vel]:

[Customer Service] email
[Customer Service] email
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