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Skyeng are trendsetters in online education. Every year we launch new products and directions, enter new markets, develop educational technologies and methods for hundreds of thousands of adults and children. Our goal is to make online learning exciting, understandable and humane. And, of course, to lead to a result that our students are proud of, having learned new skills and enhanced their knowledge base.
Industry Business Skills Training
Company size 1,001-5,000 employees
Website http://www.skyeng.ru
Specialties EducationITdigitalEdTechonline school

 Customer Service Number [Skyeng]:

Contact number
(Бесплатно по России)
+7 800 555 4522
Contact number +7 495 223 0460
[Управляющий Партнер] contact number
(Александр Ларьяновский)
+7 915 361 8613
[Менеджер По Развитию Бизнеса] contact number
(Ксения Пономарева)
+7 963 249 5444
[Менеджер По Работе С Корпоративными Клиентами] contact number
(Анастасия Денисенко)
+7 499 455 0869
[Руководитель Отдела Подбора Персонала] contact number
(Герасимович Яна)
+7 916 697 9667

 Support Email(s) [Skyeng]:

[General Info] contact email
[Media] contact email