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The Schumacher Homes story is all about family. It’s a story of passion and pride, keeping your promises and building a legacy. A story that all started with Paul Schumacher and a single house. In the early 1990s, Paul went into the business of buying and renovating fixer-uppers. After buying, restoring and selling a few more homes, he realized there was something far more special about designing and building homes from the ground up. Paul discovered that the true vision for Schumacher Homes was in designing and building fully custom homes the way his customers wanted them. Not close to what they wanted—exactly what they wanted, at a price and quality level no other builder was delivering. This personal passion drove Paul and his family to make a commitment to building a legacy of quality and affordability from one side of America to the other, one beautiful home, one family at a time. And they’ve never looked back, building an expert, passionate team that continues to grow the business by enabling families across America to build high-quality, affordable, completely customizable homes that are as unique and special as they are. Today, Schumacher Homes, headquartered in Canton, Ohio, is America’s largest custom homebuilder, with 22 Showcase Home and Design Studio locations and operations in 14 states across the country. Over the years, Schumacher Homes has taken the promise of an affordable, innovative, fully custom home and made it a reality for more than 20,000 families across the country. And no two of those homes are alike. Schumacher Homes has been the recipient of the National Housing Quality Award for excellence in construction standards and customer satisfaction. We are also proud to have been awarded the National Gold Winning Home of the Year and the National Gold Winning Best Digital Sales Tool/Use of Technology for our exclusive pricing system-- FrontDoor from the National Association of Home Builders.
Industry Construction
Headquarters Canton, Ohio
Company size 201-500 employees
Website http://www.schumacherhomes.com
Specialties Custom Home BuildingHomebuildingNew Home ConstructionFloor Plans

 Customer Service Number [Schumacher Homes]:

Customer Service number +1 877 596 6227
Customer Service number +1 877 267 3482
Customer Service number +1 888 883 5008
Customer Service number
+1 318 562 5689
Customer Service number
+1 843 804 4921
Customer Service number
+1 567 316 6796
Customer Service number
+1 502 513 0266
Customer Service number
+1 337 223 3952
Customer Service number
+1 225 306 8894
Customer Service number
(North Carolina)
+1 704 912 4817
Customer Service number
+1 330 275 1415
Customer Service number
+1 412 314 4903
Customer Service number
(South Carolina)
+1 803 272 4220
Customer Service number
+1 828 237 3865
Customer Service number
+1 336 691 2213
Customer Service number
(West Virginia)
+1 681 217 0236
[Media] contact number
+1 877 869 7204
[Jobs/ Career] contact number +1 330 754 4923
[Media] contact number +1 330 754 4903

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[Media] contact email