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What Matters to Us New friendships. New ideas. New ways to learn. Welcome to the joys of childhood. Welcome to La Petite Academy. What matters to us at La Petite Academy is simple: Your child. Here, exceptionally strong, sound social and educational foundations are formed. Here, children learn to respect one another. Learn together. Learn to work together. Learn to have fun constructively. And discover how enjoyable learning can be. It all starts by design. The free-flowing, open concept design of our facilities inspires a nurturing, interactive, and collaborative environment in which your child can thrive. Our schools and classrooms are designed to give children room to grow, room to share and room to be themselves. At La Petite Academy, open spaces and open concepts promote open minds. In addition, our entire school is designed to ensure that your child’s safety and security remain our top priority. And communication is essential. With regular updates (including many photos) of your child’s experiences, you can feel comfortable that you are sharing this journey – every step of the way. La Petite Academy. What a great place to start.
Industry Education Administration Programs
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website https://www.lapetite.com/

 Customer Service Number [La Petite Academy]:

Customer Service number +1 800 527 3848
Customer Service number +1 866 373 5961
Customer Service number +1 866 244 5384
Customer Service number +1 866 969 1071
Business Customer Service number
(Strategic Partnership Managers)
+1 866 829 0027

 Support Email(s) [La Petite Academy]:

[Customer Service] email
[Customer Service] email
[Business Customer Service] email
(Strategic Partnership Managers)