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As the financial arms of Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Capital has successfully grown into globally-recognized business operators of auto financing, corporate financing, industrial financing, and much more. The companies are committed to digital transformation, powered by their digital analytics prowess. With a presence in 14 different countries around the world, we are asserting ourselves as a truly global company and are competing with global powerhouses. Our fundamentals, alongside fiscal health, make us more and more promising. We are also pursuing business effectiveness and new opportunities by partnering with companies, large and small, in sectors ranging from finance to digital, all across the globe.   Hyundai Capital, http://about.hyundaicapital.com/main.hc?lang=en   Hyundai Capital America, https://www.hyundaicapitalamerica.com Hyundai Capital Canada, http://www.hyundaicapitalcanada.ca Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance, https://www.bhaf.com.cn Hyundai Capital UK, http://www.hyundaicapital.co.uk Hyundai Capital Bank Europe GmbH, https://www.hyundaicapitalbank.eu Sixt Leasing SE, http://www.sixt-leasing.com Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil, https://www.hyundaicapitalbrasil.com Hyundai Capital Russia, https://about.hyundaicapital.com/main.hc Hyundai Capital India, https://about.hyundaicapital.com/main.hc Hyundai Capital Australia, https://about.hyundaicapital.com/main.hc Hyundai Capital Indonesia, https://about.hyundaicapital.com/main.hc Hyundai Capital Services Singapore Branch, https://about.hyundaicapital.com/main.hc
Industry Financial Services
Company size 10,001+ employees
Specialties Auto FinanceCommercial FinanceDigitalMobilityAIFinancial ServicesAutomotiveFinanceDigitalizationFinancingPaymentAutomotive ServicesFleet ManagementLeasing

 Customer Service Number [Hyundai Capital]:

Customer Service number +821 588 2114
Customer Service number
(Financial Product Consultation)
+821 588 5330
Customer Service number
(Online Financial Branch)
+8 226 906 6300
Customer Service number
(Gangbuk Collection Branch)
+822 513 5300

 Support Email(s) [Hyundai Capital]:

[Legal] contact email
(Privacy Inquiries)
[General Info] contact email