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As part of Europcar Mobility Group, global provider of mobility solutions, Goldcar is a benchmark for holiday car hire in Europe, being market leader in countries such as Spain and Portugal. We currently have more than 120 car hire offices, located at major airports and tourist destinations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Malta, Andorra, Greece, Croatia, United States, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Turkey, Serbia, Iceland and Montenegro. The list of Goldcar destinations grows every year, allowing travelers to get behind the wheel of the newest and best value rental cars on the market in ever more locations. The company offers its customers more than 60,000 vehicles that are renewed each year, making it one of the youngest rental fleets in Europe. Goldcar employs a highly skilled workforce of over 1,200 professionals dedicated to offering all our clients a quality, transparent, and cutting edge service. At Goldcar we attempt to improve our services every day. For us, the opinions of our customers are truly valuable, as they encourage us to keep working for a better service. That’s why we do everything we can to collect as many Goldcar reviews as possible to continue evolving. Moving in the same direction, all the Europcar Mobility Group brands are ready to face great challenges in the immediate future.
Industry Travel Arrangements
Headquarters San Juan de Alicante, Alicante
Company size 1,001-5,000 employees
Website https://www.goldcar.es/en/
Specialties Rent a carcar rentalTravel TourismTurismoViajescar hire

 Customer Service Number [Goldcar]:

Customer Service number
+3 490 210 9113
Customer Service number
(Via Alfred Nobel 18 Laives (Bolzano) 39055)
+39 064 520 9634
Customer Service number
(Altunizade, Asya Yakasi Caddesi 28 K1-2 Uskudar, Istanbul 34662)
+90 212 900 8905
Customer Service number
(60 Boulevard de l'Europe 13127 Vitrolles)
+3 318 565 4704
Customer Service number
(Other Country)
+3 496 594 3186
Customer Service number
(Spain & Outside)
+3 491 834 1400
Customer Service number
(Rua Poeta Antonio Aleixo Lot C Loja C Montenegro 8005-173 Faro)
+35 121 145 1595
Customer Service number
(82 Agion Anargiron Street 19400 - Athens Attica)
+30 211 411 4553
Customer Service number
(24hr. Roadside Assistance (Spain))
+3 491 834 0353
Customer Service number
(24hr. Roadside Assistance (Italy))
+39 068 997 0585
Customer Service number
(24hr. Roadside Assistance (Portugal))
+35 122 145 0472
Customer Service number
(24hr. Roadside Assistance (Greece))
+30 211 411 4552
Customer Service number
(24hr. Roadside Assistance (France))
+3 381 136 0937
Customer Service number
(24hr. Roadside Assistance (Turkey))
+90 212 900 8962
[Sales/ Reservations] contact number
(Telephone Bookings)
+3 491 834 4064
[Headquarters] contact number +3 496 523 3442

 Support Email(s) [Goldcar]:

[Customer Service] email
[Legal] contact email