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Asda is Reimagining Retail It’s hard for anyone to imagine just how many different career possibilities there are at Asda. Ours is a big business, and beyond the roles you might be familiar with on the shop floor (or on your doorstep), there are hundreds of others you don’t get to see. In fact, because our business is changing so rapidly, there are new roles being created at Asda all the time. Technology is changing how we do things every day, helping us to reimagine retail to make life better for our customers, in-store and online. For those with imagination, can-do, integrity and a willingness to embrace change, the possibilities at Asda are limitless. Take a look around and see where a career at Asda could take you.
Industry Retail
Headquarters Leeds, West Yorkshire
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website http://www.asda.jobs
Specialties RetailOnlineFashionProduceLogisticsProduct Development

 Customer Service Number [ASDA]:

[Complaints/ Feedback] contact number +44 800 952 0101
[Media] contact number +44 113 826 2829
[Media] contact number
(For weekend and out of hours queries)
+44 777 970 0742
[Media] contact number +44 113 826 3536
[Media] contact number +44 113 826 2852

 Support Email(s) [ASDA]:

[Legal] contact email
[Media] contact email