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The Allianz Group is one of the world's leading insurers and asset managers with more than 100 million private and corporate customers in more than 70 countries. We are proud to be the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements from 2021 until 2028 and to be recognized as one of the industry leaders in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Caring for our employees, their ambitions, dreams and challenges is what makes us a unique employer. Together we can build an environment where everyone feels empowered and has the confidence to explore, to grow and to shape a better future for our customers and the world around us. Join us and together, let’s care for tomorrow. Credits: https://www.allianz.com/en_GB/credits-allianz-se.html Follow us on: Twitter: twitter.com/Allianz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teamallianz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllianzCareers Glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.de/%C3%9Cberblick/Arbeit-bei-Allianz-EI_IE3062.11,18.htm Allianz Data Privacy Statement: https://www.allianz.com/en_GB/privacy-statement.html Allianz Careers Data Privacy Statement: https://careers.allianz.com/en_EN/footer/data-privacy.html LinkedIn Privacy Policy: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy LinkedIn General Terms: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement
Industry Financial Services
Company size 10,001+ employees
Website https://careers.allianz.com
Specialties InsuranceAsset Management

 Customer Service Number [Allianz]:

Customer Service number
(Head of Share and Shareholders)
+49 893 800 3324
Customer Service number
(Roadshow and Conference Management)
+498 938 001 7975
Customer Service number
(Shareholder Service)
+49 893 800 4124
[Investor Relations] contact number +49 893 800 7555
[Investor Relations] contact number
(Head of Investor Relations)
+49 893 800 3963
[Investor Relations] contact number
(Investor Relations Manager)
+498 938 001 7224
[Investor Relations] contact number
(Investor Relations Manager)
+49 893 800 3892
[Headquarters] contact number
(Annual General Meeting and Corporate Governance)
+498 938 001 8284
[Investor Relations] contact number
(Online Investor Relations)
+49 893 800 7663
[Investor Relations] contact number
(Online Investor Relations)
+498 938 001 3160

 Support Email(s) [Allianz]:

[Media] contact email
[Legal] contact email
(Privacy Inquiries)